Can You Expedite Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

A large number of initial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are denied. Every applicant whose claim has been denied has the right to appeal the decision, but months can pass before the Social Security Administration holds a hearing regarding an appeal.

This delay places great hardships on many people whose SSDI claims are in limbo. Is there any way to expedite your Social Security Disability hearing? In some cases, the answer is "yes" and in other cases the answer is "no." You should discuss your case with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

The time from the date of a request for a SSDI hearing and the actual hearing is typically 12-14 months.

Expediting A Social Security Disability Hearing

The Social Security Administration will expedite the hearing for a SSDI appeal in cases of dire need. If you are at risk of eviction from your home or you are extremely sick, it may be possible to get a SSDI hearing expedited. You can also ask for an on-record decision regarding your appeal without a hearing. With this second option, however, you lose the ability to present additional information regarding your medical condition and disability.

Social Security Disability Attorneys In Chattanooga

Dale Buchanan & Associates is a team of experienced Social Security Disability attorneys. Headquartered in Chattanooga, we serve clients throughout the U.S. from seven offices.

In a free consultation, we can review your situation and discuss your options regarding your SSDI appeal. If we believe that the Social Security Administration will grant an expedited hearing, we will act quickly to gather information in support of your claim. We can also tell you whether seeking an on-record decision is advisable.

If these options are not appropriate given the circumstances of your case, we can pursue a regular SSDI appeal. We can use the time to gather medical information in support of your claim.

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