Working While On Social Security Disability

Protecting The Rights Of People With Disabilities

Many people who have disabling conditions want to work. At Dale Buchanan & Associates, we endorse the desire of people to work. Working can provide positive social and emotional benefits, as well as generating income. But those with disabling conditions who may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits should be cautious. If you work or earn too much, your benefits could be docked and you could even become ineligible for benefits.

In a free consultation, an attorney at our law firm can review your situation and answer your questions about working. If your Social Security Disability Insurance claim has been denied, we can pursue an appeal on your behalf, seeking to obtain benefits for you.

Can You Work While On Social Security Disability?

The answer is certainly "yes," with conditions. In any five-year period, you can earn more than $750 in a month* for a total of nine months and continue to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. These nine months are known as your trial work period. If you earn less than $750 in a month, that month does not count toward your trial work period.

Extended Period Of Eligibility

The Social Security Administration closely monitors SSDI recipients who work. For those who have used their trial work periods, there is a 36 month extended period of eligibility. During this time, you can earn up to $1,040 per month*. If you earn more than that, your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits will be adjusted downwards for that month.

Not Every Disabling Condition Is Permanent

While some disabilities are permanent, other people who cannot work due to disability or illness can recover to the point where they can work. People with disabling conditions may be able to obtain Social Security Disability benefits, either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Get Advice From An Experienced Lawyer

A lawyer at Dale Buchanan & Associates can answer your questions and advise you regarding Social Security Disability and work. Contact Dale Buchanan & Associates to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients throughout the U.S. from our headquarters in Chattanooga and six other offices.

*The income figures cited are for 2013. The Social Security Administration adjusts these for inflation every year, so income figures for prior and future years will be different.