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Teaching Tennessee residents the value of SSI benefits

Almost every Tennessee resident probably knows about Social Security payments once a worker retires. Disability benefits, on the other hand, are less well known, although Social Security Disability Insurance benefits help thousands of injured and ill residents every year. There is, however, one more insurance program under the Social Security Administration's care that offers benefits for the poorest state residents: Supplemental Security Income. Our Chattanooga law firm has not only taught many Tennessee residents the value of SSI benefits, but also helped them obtain those benefits.

Which disability criteria do the SSA use in Tennessee?

Social Security Disability benefits are a huge help for countless Americans, including many in Tennessee. These SSDI benefits not only give much needed financial assistance to residents, but peace of mind, as well, to those who suffer from a disability. Despite its saving grace, filing for these benefits can be a bit complicated. Applicants also must have a medical condition that falls under at least one category of impairment, which makes them eligible pursuant to the Social Security Administration's blue book for recognition of their injury or ailment as a disability.

Can Tennesseans with skin disorders apply for SSDI benefits?

Disabilities are often perceived by Tennesseans as physical impairments, like the inability to walk or the limited use of one's extremities. However, the Social Security Administration has a wider definition of the term disability. Tennesseans may be surprised that the definition includes skin disorders.

Helping Tennessee residents receive SSDI benefits

Sometimes a person's physical level of pain can be so debilitating that a prudent course of action is to refrain from working. However, doing this can present a new problem since people need a source of income for financial support. This is where Social Security benefits can help. However, receiving SSDI benefits is sometimes not as easy as it seems, and that is where our Chattanooga-based law firm comes in.

  • "Thank you so much for your constant help on getting SSI disability for my girl. Without ya'll I wouldn't have gotten her the health and financial help. If there is anyth..." Jennifer B, Tennessee stars
  • "We got your letter that you were closing our case. We just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given our family. Thanks again." James B, Alabama stars
  • "I really appreciate the service I received. Everyone was exceptionally courteous. Thank you." Robin H, Tennessee stars
  • "My friend said you were the best and she was right. I see why she said she'd never use another attorney. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you." Glenn B, Tennessee stars
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